The Best Poker Games In Billings, MT

When I first started playing poker in Billings there was probably over 20 games around town and it was rare that there wasn’t a game going on at any of the tables that were open. Well, times sure have changed. As of right now there’s basically only one place that you can find a consistent poker game going on at any point of the day and that’s the Gold Dust, the poker room’s name is The Poker Parlor. If you are interested in casino bonues you need to see this.

The Most Consistent Poker Game In Billings, MT

Every day except Sundays the game starts at 10:00 am and on Sundays it starts at 1pm. The day game is usually a 2-6 spread limit and every now and then there will be people playing 2-10 or 2-12 overs.

At night you can generally expect a 1-2 No Limit Holdem game along with the 2-6 spread limit holdem game going as well. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays there is a nightly tournament that usually gets a pretty good turnout with 2 to 3 tables. Find more information on online casinos here.

Address: 1310 15th Street West, Billings, MT 59102
Phone: 406-969-1970

The Best No Limit Holdem In Billings

I’m sure it’s starting to sound a bit biased that I’m naming of the Poker Parlor as having the best NL holdem action in town as well but it’s the truth. As far as having a consistent 1-2 NL holdem game on a just about a nightly basis the action is great. The state of Montana used to have a $300 cap on pots, it was raised to $800 within the past year and there’s plenty of $800 pots that happen which I find to be pretty massive for a 1-2 NL game.

PLO – Pot Limit Omaha In Billings

I bet you’ll never guess where the only Pot Limit Omaha in Billings is played if you’ve read much of this page, The Poker Parlor. Monday night is PLO night and the game is 2-5 Pot Limit Omaha. It’s a great game with tons of action and I don’t think they’ve missed night since it started. It’s straight high only, but they do offer Omaha HL split on Thursday nights.

Other Poker Games In Billings But Less Consistent

There’s still a few poker rooms around town but they aren’t even close to as consistent as the one at the Gold Dust. I figured I better toss them in for an honorable mention.

Jackpot Nevada – Spreads a NL game, has a lot of the same players every night and a friendly atmosphere for the most part.

Montana Chads – It’s called something else now but I can’t remember the name, anyways if there’s a rodeo in town you can generally expect a pretty good 2-10 game.

Bugz’s – This place is in the heights and tends to get a good game on the weekends.

Crystal Lounge – This place is a dive, if you’re looking to play poker, have your ears bleed from bad karaoke and possibly score some meth all in the same night then this would be your kind of hangout.